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Hi & Namaste, I’m

Art Shrian Tiwari

Filmmaker | Screenwriter | Director | Actor


About Me

So… Who is Art?

Art Shrian Tiwari, also known as Rahul Tiwari, has multiple identities. Screenwriter, actor, director, producer, filmmaker, podcaster, publisher, software engineer, IT consultant, business executive, and more!


Born in India, Art has an international perspective that led him to relocate to New York — well, New Jersey — where he now lives with his German-Japanese-American wife and young daughter. An immigrant in America, growing up in India in a  working-class family, he was surrounded by family, love, and support. His father was in Air Force and the family moved a lot. This gave him a unique experience and point of view of new cultures and people.


At 16, his single act play (in the Hindi language), CHAVANNI SE CHAMAN, about a nine-year-old child laborer received the BEST PLAY AWARD in a national competition in India. He went on to write, direct and act in several other plays during his time at Engineering College, winning multiple awards for his acting, writing, and directing.

In the U.S. Art worked in Software Engineering and Program Management, gaining extensive experience in E-commerce and Financial Services as well as expertise in Web and Mobile domains. As a technology-focused business leader, he trained and mentored multiple teams in a globally distributed environment and worked with such well-respected organizations as New York Stock Exchange, Weight Watchers, Scholastic, Sprint, and Starwood Hotels.

Then he left his corporate job to follow his passion, and focus on a new career in entertainment. Now a member of SAG-AFTRA, he has performed in multiple off-broadway productions, short films, TV, and a feature film; besides writing, producing, directing, and more!


His first award-winning short film “KACHREWALA: Five Cents Each,” that he wrote, produced, and starred in, screened at 2018’s Manhattan Film Festival, winning NY SPOTLIGHT AWARD, along with accolades for his performance as a down-on-luck struggling bottle collector in NYC.


His first feature film in the leading role, Sujewa Ekanayke's "WEREWOLF NINJA PHILOSOPHER” has earned him additional accolades for his performance as a truth-seeking Private Detective. The strong buzz about this absurdist neo-noir art comedy film is quickly gaining a national cult following.


Art is also the co-screenwriter, with Lapcazo Sandoval, of a new, urban love story LOVE IS LOVE, IS LOVE which has been optioned and is currently in development with a New York-based indie film production company. They are currently co-writing and developing their second feature film FOOD FIGHT, a comedy, which is close to getting optioned. They are collaborating on multiple other potential film and TV projects together.

Art made his directorial debut with the SciFi-comedy short film TIME TRAVEL TO 2020, which he also wrote, produced, and starred in. He also wrote and directed the satirical-comedy-thriller short IT'LL BE ALL RIGHT, and the social-drama short RED IS MY COLOR. 

Art is also developing a SciFi-mystery-comedy-drama TV Series EXTRAORDINARY, and another TV Series TATHAASTU! a multi-cultural fantasy-adventure-comedy. He is writing an Indian-American (tri-lingual English/Hindi/Bengali) international feature film CONNOR CALLING. He is also developing a documentary BEING INDIAN AMERICAN, about the realities of belonging to the Indian-American community in today's America. He is actively working on developing multiple projects including narrative feature films, mini-series, and TV series, both individually and with other collaborators.

To encourage an appreciation for good storytelling, Art teaches acting and screenwriting to actors and new writers at Coach Jonna Johnson's Artistic Heights Academy. He also works as a story/script consultant.

Art is the creator and host of the beloved Entertainment & Culture podcast ArtApproved! a Podcast by MyNewYorkEye. He also co-hosted another cherished podcast Chocolate And Chai. His passion for storytelling/storytellers and love for NYC led him to create an esteemed online magazine/portal which covers film, TV, theater, entertainment, culture, and more... MyNewYorkEye!

Art is fluent in English and Hindi, including reading-writing in Hindi/Devanagari. He's also well versed in several other South Asian languages like Urdu, Awadhi, Punjabi, Haryanvi, Bengali, Gujarati and Sanskrit. He has a deep and wide knowledge of Indian culture, history, HINDU religion (he was born in a Hindu Brahmin/priest family), and also BOLLYWOOD. Living in a tri-racial household (Indian-German-Japanese-American), he has a great grasp on immigrant life and the multi-cultural facets of America. He is very passionate about diversity and inclusion in storytelling, and life.

Besides his entertainment career, he's a successful-ish husband and full-time father and considers it the most important job he has ever held. He also loves to travel, and eat!


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